Another 365 days passed and it’s time to backtrack and log the events, incidents and happenings in my life. Years are indeed the time we spent on earth with the dream that we survived for another year, but forgetting the reality that we stepped one more closer to the consumption of the precious sip: The Life.

2010 began for me in Trivandrum and ended in Chennai. So, I don’t presume where my year ends for 2011. It was an eventful years, bringing a lot of change with respect to career, life, place and the perspective.

The most cherished memories in the beginning of 2010 is the trip to Poovar Island Resort with the Communities Team of Satmetrix. It was a everlasting memory with my dearest friends who were also my team mates in Satmetrix.

My firat marriage anniversary glorified the month of March 2010. It was a very happy year, the first step of all the happiness that makes my days better and brighter.

I learnt driving a car in 2010 and in a month, I bought my first car. It was another big happening in my life as car was one of my long waited dreams. I cherished the long trips I went on my car and during rains, it reminded me of those days, cuddled upon my bike, all wet and filthy, cursing the rain, and trying the best to make home. God blessed me from the suffering to the comfort and protection.

In the mid of 2010, I decided to make my career shifted to another city. I had Chennai in mind from the very first, please don’t ask why. The fact is, even I don’t know. And on the third interview, I became part of the TCS family. It was heart breaking quitting Satmetrix, the manager, colleagues, the atmosphere. I was sure; it is not going to be the same again.

The welcome party in new work location was a dream that I never want to see again or think off. I have never been so stretched out in my career. During the first three months, I saw myself, breaking apart, both mentally and physically. Then, I regained my composure, balanced my life and made it through with lot of experience and learning.

And now with the eve of 2010, I am closing up my allocation in the current project and is moving into a new one. It would be the place, where I start working in 2011. But my life, is always the same, with the same people, with the same likes and dislikes and with the same self.

Welcome 2011


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