Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 1: A disappointment



I was very much enthusiastic about this version of the Harry Potter series. After the grumpy half blood prince version, the hypes and the reviews were much higher about the first part of the climax. The significant highlights of the pre release were

  • The movie is split into parts to show more justice to the book.
  • The kids are grown up to face the inevitable and hence the storyline is supposed to be a more of an action packed stuff.
  • The climax of the movie was awaited, since its just the part of the whole wind down, the place where it end to begin was a bit curious.

Now back to the reality. The visual effects were quite marvelous. It very well did justice to Rowling’s imaginations, as it did in all the prequels. I would say, one of the best three of the ‘Harry Potter’ series with respect to visual effects.

The kids of past has came well beyond the age to produce few quality smooches. Hermione and Harry Potter sequence while Ron destroys the Horcrux, was quite edgy.

Though not possible to redraw the entire book on the screen, I felt, many key events in the book has been missed out. Like, the past of ‘Dumbledore’, Harry possessing the eye of Mad Eye from the ministry, Harry using invisibility Clock in the ministry etc.

Back ground score was terrible, If they used that kind of music for highlighting the horror and the drenched situations, the music didnt do much good. At most places, it didn’t come along quite well.

I would rate this movie as 6/10.


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