Joy In The Air

It’s another Christmas. Years and years after, the meaning of Christmas has changed for me. Once, Christmas was celebration, then to an occasion to participate and then just another holiday for relaxing from work.

In my early school days, it was moments of Christmas celebration in the school that made the upcoming vacation full of happy memories. Decors, cakes, and Carol songs filled the class rooms. The missionary school, I attended to, offered a lot for celebration during Christmas. The high school, though it was also a Christian missionary school, the celebrations was not expensive, but a bare minimal of Carols by students, some skits and some competitions. The college days marked the parting of Christmas as a happy celebration moments, except for the sms that students used to send each other on day. Since, I hadn’t had that luxury to have a mobile on those days, I wasnt part of this electronic celebration.

And now, working the brains out all through the week days and yearning for an off day, the Christmas is rather a joy for ever. An assured time out every year. And for this reason, I have every reason to celebrate this Christmas with my sweetheart in the city of my dreams, where I landed about six months back.


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