Winter Chill

Christmas is nearing and the sweet chill is blanketing the city. In this new city of mine, every experience is a brand new one. The Chennai chill is comparatively more colder than my native city, Trivandrum. But, I could very well see that these chilly days will be followed by scorching sunny days.

I have been missing my morning classes for quite a few days. The tight schedule at work is killing me. I will be moving to a new project by new year break, but that is around 10 days from now. Till then, I have to hang on to the current project and find a good project to survive. May be I should change my blog name to ‘Despires of an Software Engineer’.

I took my Guitar out yesterday, that too after quite a while. The battery of the tuner has become cold. I got to change it. 1st string was also broken. Thanks to me, for carrying a spare string always. While sliding through the frets, I realised that, that all I learnt was still there. Only thing is I learnt only very little.


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