Getting Idle

I am sorry. In the last few months, I have been very lazy to write few words together for my blog. No excuses can covet the laziness I have been engulfed. No no more blasphemy.

Last two months was more of a routine. To my Kung Fu classes in the morning, then to work and back. I have been in afternoon shifts for almost 45 days. So, mornings were pretty idle. Cut the time, watching movies, browsing the net, reading some pdf’s etc. I was much relaxed of work pressure by then. From last week, I moved back to the morning shifts. So, I am back again to the time jammed days. The work was idle, so was my mind. I was going through few self learning materials and reading. Apart from that, the life was more of a monotone.

I am concluding the retrospect and not making any new year resolution to continue to be a avid blogger. But, I will try by best to write bits and pieces every day or two.


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