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Achi – Its been a long time ever since, I have been through the sneeze season. I cannot remember any exact time or reason for getting the cold, but I started sneezing right from the morning workout sessions.

The whole Sunday went through sneezing and the subsequent hangover. I hate wasting a precious leave day, but I didn’t have much choice. I spent the day dropping and picking up wife from the super market(Home shopping is better done by her, I don’t want to get into arguments with choices).

The weather in Chennai is still hot and highly humid despite of a heavy rain in the night, 2 days back. My car looks cleaned. So, it would have been quite a heavy shower.

As usual, I hate going to office on mondays and today is a special day with all my sneezing. Praise the Lord

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Discovering New Limits

Every morning, I feel that I have attained the limit of my physical endurance. The next morning makes me realize that I was one step behind yesterday.

Being healthy and sorting out health is much complicated adversaries. The most fundamental behavior of human body and mind is to stay at the maximum comfortable level and resist anything that affects the comfort. More often, when I try to get up early for a short jog, or at the least a walk through the lanes, I am often winded down by yawn and sleepiness. The body fights its best fight to draw me back to the sleepy hollow. But, did the body understand that the comfort level it can attain by sweating out at the maximum in the early morning could last for ages. But I think, it is satisfied by the cozy bed and the interim pleasure.

But, I have already decided to invest in long term health and I am have been successful to be regular on that regime for the last 15 days. Believe me, for a lazy guy like me, sticking to a schedule that needs a early wake up, extreme hard work making the body demand is more than a dream. But, I lived that dream. It would be better to say like,’ The dream is real for me now’.

!0 days into my ‘Shaolin Fist Kung Fu training’ and oh man, what I feel? I feel strong and confident and building the will power to achieve more and more after each impossible training routines that is becoming possible on each day ahead. I am very much impressed and fascinated and got involved into this old traditional Chinese martial art. Even in movies, I liked Kung Fu and Kick Boxing more than other martial arts like Karate because of this style, grace and beauty. I found the flowing of Chi in Kung Fu more elegant than the Katas.

Shaolin Kung Fu refers to a style of the martial art that originated at the Shaolin Monastery in China. However, the term has evolved, encompassing fighting styles and forms that are not necessarily associated with the monastery. The Southern Shaolin style of kung fu fighting features low body stances and emphasizes hand-to-hand, close-quarter combat. Southern styles is more hands, close quarter fighting, builds extremely strong bodies, great for self defense.

Southern Kung Fu masters focus on building body strength and teaching effective self-defense techniques.

More important in martial arts as equivalent to style is to have a right and apt master Sifu. The Sifu must be extremely talented and at the same time must be a good teacher. And I was lucky and blessed to learn this art from a master of the right Blend.

Master Sifu of Shaolin Fist Kung Fu International school is a perfect master. He understands each students strengths and weakness and imparts and concentrates on building the same. The regular classes includes strength building, body conditioning, Kung Fu, meditation, Yoga, gymnastics, self defense techniques and weapon training. A complete and authentic training in an ancient martial art form. With such impression, I don’t mind advertising the school through my blog. Anyone in Chennai who is interested to improve physical fitness, learn Kung Fu from A-Z come and join the school. The school details are as below:


No 5/9, First Cross Street,
main Road,
Ram Nagar,
Chennai 600061

Sifu : Shivabharati

Contact : 9789934930,9789934960

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Days at Chennai

Chennai has never being my city of dreams. The dry, hot, humid atmosphere of Chennai sucks the real soul out of me. I sometimes feel that the arid climate of Chennai is affecting my placid thoughts too. Getting dry, day by day. That’s the very reason; I am keen and adamant about reviving my blog at any cost. To keep my inner self, supple, moist and more importantly creative.

I miss my home city much even with 2 months of separation. It’s heavily raining in there. Flood waters are engulfing the city. I wish I could be there. To feel the cold, fresh rain waters on my face instead of this dry summer rains. The rains in Chennai are very mild and dirty, a mixture of air borne dust transforming to a spray of clay. I hate being outdoors in rain here. I remember those days, when I ride my bike on long routes just to hug the rain. That rain was beautiful. The air was serene, poetic. Every lover of nature will run in that rain, forgetting the past, present and future.

With so much about the rain, my work life too is quite different in here. I am a strong promoter of “work for life, not live for work”. But the routines here often bite big pieces of my life every day. I miss my gym workouts, my guitar, moreover my passion for blogging. I don’t know how I will be able to walk through this delicate balance evenly. I always wished if someone could pay me for blogging. I would be spending the happiest moments of a day in front of the pc and I will be paid for the meals, wonderful isn’t it?

Running a family (not too big, my wife and myself) alone has been quite tremendous in the beginning. But now I am easing at routines of cleaning, shopping and rare helping hands to wife. She complains a lot on that aspect, but I too need to evolve right? After all evolution is a long process unbound by time.

My blogs from today will mostly be kind of Chennai dairies. I want my blog to be occupied. So, rather than in search of topics to write, I would be going through my day for time being. I have a research blog in place, which is also dying. I need some time to collect facts for that too. Facts about “My Incredible India”. It’s my dream to compile that repository. A single blog that will explain why India is different from all other nations. Why we Indians are unique. So, let’s roll…