Monthly Archives: September 2010

Missing my pc

I have been away from my blog for a long time. I can’t blame myself, since many things changed in last 2 months. I have changed my job. I have moved to Chennai. And most importantly, i don’t have my pc in here. You must be how this post has been done at this hour. Well, I missed my clog so must that i am painfully pushing the keys me my Nokia 7230 to make this blog happen.
The eight weeks that passed many things about me. I don’t have the luxury to update my blog from the office. Also the work is so tight that, I am not able to find the balance between the work-life that I value most in my life. I am equally missing my guitar too.
Wait, blogging is not about projecting all the negatives. I had few good changes in life too. Now, I am working for one of the top IT employer. My wife and myself moved to our small heaven, which is our 1 BHK rented house. But now we realise and learning how to nourish a life me our own. At least privacy does matter.
I wont be straying my blog lonely anymore. So, keep up with me as all my friends of bloggerville always did.
Good night ones.