Wind Of Change

After 18 months in the company, I am on a transition phase. I am moving to a new team. It’s always quite exciting to have a change. After all, I can’t live with same job over and over, again and again, on every following day. If I was happy with that, I would have chosen a  clerical job in a government cadre. But, I am more bearable to changes and this change was welcomed.

The day went on with requesting access to new servers, user roles, etc. Also, heard a lecture by Shashi Tarur on ” Why Nations should pursue Soft Power?”. A very inspiring speech. The way he  showcased India before the world was awesome. His words were simple but elegant. He was a true Indian during the delivery. Saying this, I am not showing any allegiance to his political and off political views or affairs. But, I admire him just for the moment he stood and used his soft skills to prove that India is one of the fastest growing power out there, in all the fieldsl. The words were patriotic and well commenced. Great Work Tarur. The speech could be viewed at “My Awesome India”  blog.

To the end of the day, I had the resolve to work out at gym. The bulging stomach is throwing me concerns. Better late than never. So, a lot left to read before sleep. Cya…


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