Langkawi – Tourist’s Paradise

Twilight, followed by Dusk throws langkawi to the beautiful panorama and celebration nights. On the deck of a small cruiser, we could go deep into the sea, searching for the setting sun. Amidst the small islands and the dark forests, sun sets slowly, giving us a once in a lifetime experience. Hanging on the nets behind the cruiser, sea surfing could be done for hours. When dusk leaves for the night, cruise turns to party haven. couples dance, songs by the crew below the starry sky and surrounded by the light decorations in the distant islands and strange sounds coming from distant mangroves.

Langkawi is specifically for honeymooners. All the preparations are intended for them. The resorts built over the sea, pools, gardens, songs, wine and dance are all meant for the romantic couples. The surrounding sea, and the vultures in the sky guard their private moments.

Simple, clean and less crowded markets of Langkawi extends to the sea. The sea breeze always soothes the crowd. All streets smell of chocolates and wine. In sweet streets, sweets of different shapes and colours could be seen. Liquor from all around the world is available here for cheaper prices. Most of the shop keepers are ladies. They always welcome you with their hands on the wine bottles… to the Bar.

Within 478 kilometres, there are no bus service. Taxi is the only public transportation medium. Instead of bus stops, Since vehicles, petrol and land is cheaper, even a average Langkawi citizen is one drop richer.


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