Does stories are born in dreams?

I had ,and I specifically say had, the habit of reading. There we re days, when I couldn’t sleep without reading something new. Reading always carried me away and I enjoyed that loneliness.

When fictions and thrillers fill my mindspace, I often wonder, how these stories take birth? How the seed of these awesome scribes originate? Do the authors create all these with there imaginations swirling in the clouds or it just happens in their dreams.

I am a lone dreamer. Often, I dream during early morning. The dreams of mine are mostly adventuress or suspense thriller. you would be thinking that I am kidding. But its a fact in my case. I have often dreamt a full swing story that imparts me as a character. And to my own surprise, when I wake up, I often remember, the entire sequence. I always wished to write it down, but writing the whole thing is much difficult as  visualizing it.

But, someday, i am gonna write it. Who could say, it may be my masterpiece in literature?


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