Monthly Archives: April 2010

Recovery Story

Data Loss? Hard disk failure.say bye bye. I have just survived the worst data loss in my laptop. A backup partition got deleted during a windows 7 upgrade and for me , it was the end of the world. 2 years of accumulated data, songs, movies and other personal stuff. I thought , I was done with.

But, I wasn’t quite ready to give up this time. For the last 48 hours, I was working immensely on recovering the data from the deleted partition. I connected the target hdd as a external usb disk and started the analysis. I don’t quite remember, how many software, I have tried during these hours.

But at the end of the day, i found the right software and the right methods.And the result: The D: of my new hard disk looks exactly same with all the junk I recovered from the lost partition. I did it just right.

The day my laptop crashed

I always take my PC for granted. I had made that mistakes quite a lot in my life, but still I can resist committing it. I never backup my pics, personal data and music or movie, anything you say. And Eventually, I get my eyes filled with tears when a partition vanishes or the hard drive just don’t boot.

So, the story is simple. My laptop has gone wild with the Xp installation and I had to upgrade it to Windows 7. Though I liked it, I inevitably didn’t like the D: partition vanishing like smoke ring. It had all my backup(And I was so stupid to back it all up in the same hard disk).

Conclusion : Lost all my camera clicks, accounts. whatever I can name on. Now, I am trying for the last 24 hours to recover at least a few of the valuable data using some of the data recovery tools available on net.

Moral : Periodically backup your valuables. But I wonder, Its possible with a PC or laptop, is it meaningful in real life? Have a thought.