Living in a Happy Nation

The song from ‘Ace of Base’ do have a nostalgic attire. “Living in a Happy Nation” – What a dream. Though we have reasoned this subject for a long time and also do again, I would like to shout it out again.

Nation? A race of people sharing a common language or geographic. Let me drive a long long time. I have to believe that the scientific evolution of humans from monkeys in this regard since, the concept of Adam and Eve doesn’t fit much. If the first humans are Adam and Eve, then it must be supposed that all humans are their descendants. That means, all humans must be speaking the language what Adam and Eve used to, evolving from a single geographic point to all throughout the empty spaces on the planet. And of course, there will be one race of humans – humans itself.

But it isn’t the case here. Humans evolved in different parts of the planet at different times. Each of these groups used their evolving brains for discoveries and inventions that made life more better. This development of different thoughts , independent of each other led to the evolution of different languages, different cultures , different religions and as these groups grow, they came in contact with the other evolving groups. But at that time, the human brains weren’t evolved to the point to understand that the dark face opposite to them are also of their kind. The fear of differences led fight for survival.

That was beginning of drawing boundaries. Later, the evolution of human sense, led to proper understanding of their requirements and the availabilities on the other side of the line. Thus trade began. Even then, the left out animal nature in humans led him to conquer and grab the resources from the neighboring humans itself.

In the beginning, humans fought with nature and wilderness to ensure his survival. Using the wits and power of thinking, man did survive. But later, the same prowess, made him to fight to prove worth among humans itself, the early stage of war craft. we still fight to prove the dominance we have with respect to the other.

Right now,I believe humans are at the peak of cultural advancement. we all know that all that we need to survive is the survival of the human race. Its not the race, country , language or nationality. Its keeping the life on earth sustained as long as possible. For that, we need to erase the lines drawn in our minds. The separations has to be removed and feeling of one nation has to be imparted in our minds. No one can do it for us. One earth, one nation and different countries for the ease of welfare and administration. No budget for weapons and war. All for humans and all humans for earth. Then I will we are “Living in a Happy Nation”.


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