Heart Locked

It’s been a while ever since I have updated my blog. And no weird reasons for the sake of explanation. I was gone, and now I am here. That’s the fact.How long I will be here, no answer. But fact is “I will always return, this is where I belong”. I just quoted on you ‘Adams’.

What had me off? Work, family, my passion to concentrate on Guitar more. Nothing seems so impressive enough to beat my long lasted fever to scribble down my heart. So, I am back here again, with my broken pieces of thoughts.

In two months, a lot of things changed around me. Finally, I am getting the pleasure of sitting behind the wheels and smoking the engine. I am just a week away from getting my official driving license.

IPL is at its full swing. And I find it hard and heart breaking to support any one team. All teams are so so good that I just sit in front of TV and support both the sides.Not to be left out, Sachin finally washing off the black scars that Saeed Anwar left on Indian Cricket Team years back. The first double century ever in one  Day Cricket is gonna say for a long long time. Hail Sachin !!

The past month also saw ‘Hurt Locker’ washing away the glory of ‘Navi’s’ with the bomb diffusing squad in Iraq. The manly emotions took over the fantasy world. I believe ‘Avatar’ deserved more for the hard work and the new era of I Max technology that Cameroon introduced to the film industry. As a movie point of view, I enjoyed Avatar twice in the Theater, but ‘Hurt Locker’ did stayed in my heart even after movie was over. The difference I feel is ‘Avatar’ movie stayed in my mind, but in ‘Hurt Locker’, the characters stayed.

I will be back to my blog often from now. Its been a long time and feels good , being in the company of words.


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