Climatic Shifts

The climate in Trivandrum is getting hotter day by day. The days are hotter and humidity is high at night. I have never experienced such drastic climate in this part of India.

Kerala, the state that constitutes Trivandrum popular for its maritime climate and monsoons. But with the global climate shifts, the monsoon rains are diminishing and the rains that used to occur during the months of September and October have also lost its effect in keeping the ground cool till the next monsoon.

The climate in the city is gradually taking a major shift. The shift is so slow that we could hardly notice that in a 2-3 years span.I still remember my childhood days. Sun wasn’t so intolerable then. I used to run and play at school in hot noons and afternoons.  But now, it is almost impossible to go outdoors during daytime. The climatic change in Trivandrum over the last 15 years has shaken me with wonder.

The big picture is even more alarming. The sea level is rising at an alarming rate. The climate is shifting to the extreme ends in almost all parts of the world.

The reasons are all old copy books. We all have learnt that right from schools. Still, the cause persists. Pollution, CO2 emissions etc are unavoidable in today’s world. But it is not impossible to cut it at least by 1% if all of us consider to cut usage of carbon products in day-to-day life.


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