Life Is Crazy

I always knew and believed that life is a natural changer. Whether we want to, or know it or not, life has its own changes imprinted upon us.

6 years : not a short-term maddy. We had been together for 6 long years. The school life in St Marys wouldn’t be complete without a few names, who are entitled as ‘My School Friends’. I never had such an attachment to any people who walked in and out of my life. But these guys are special.

I am talking about the time, life and transformation and the school guys, all at the same time. How all fit into a perfect portrait? and Life is Crazy?Where in the name of holy ghost did that come from?

I was watching the movie,”Wake Up Sid’, and was enjoying the song “Life is Crazy”. At the same moment, I got the call from one of my school friends. He informed me of a get together at museum grounds. I was so delighted to see old friends.

There were four of us, cracking on the past and present events. It was a great intimate moments for us. I haven’t seen most of them for more than a year or so.. Right from their talks, I realized : the life changes. The cool guys has grown more understanding and has learnt a lot from the life. The irony is that we all hail from the IT industry, though, we all have a different perspective towards the future. That is the transformation that life has brought up on us. We have grown from the careless guys to responsible thinkers. Those light moments and the memories blew a cool wave on me. We talked about having your passion as profession, which many of us couldn’t work out yet.

On my way back home, I was thinking of all those guys and girls who made my school life. And from where we stand now, at different paths of life, we are still brought together by the very memories that paved the base of our existence. Do I sound crazy? nah



2 thoughts on “Life Is Crazy

    1. Shibu Post author

      Hi David,

      I am so sorry about your lose. But, I never mentioned I lost any of my friends. All are far far apart in their worlds that I miss them too much.


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