Adieus 2009

2009 was being quite eventful for me. Since then, all years passed me in a series of packs, each of which contained repetition of  similar experiences and memories. Like 12 years of school days, 4 years of college and then first 2 years of my job. 2009 had a lot of events happening in my life,  exactly saying, a series of fortunate events.

2009 began with myself nurturing my marriage dreams. I was already engaged to my sweetheart by then and was on looking a new turn of life.

At the same time, I was establishing myself in my new company in a new role at the break of 2009. It was my first jump after I begun my IT career. I was quite enjoying the change. A sort of freedom from a hefty work life to a balanced work life(It’s still the same, don’t know till when). In the professional aspect, this was the most cherished year of my career so far. May the years ahead bring in more better experiences.

I married my darling of my life on March. It was the sweetest moments of my life ever and I am thankful to 2009 for blessing me those moments.

I used to blog on in  a very inconsistent way for a long time. I switched to and that change was quiet good for me as a blogger. During the period from August to date, I wrote more blog posts than I wrote in last few years. Blogging became a passion for me. I made good acquaintances in the blogging world. Chitz, Narayan, Carol…the list continues.

After marriage, I reinvented my passion towards Guitar. I went regularly to the classes for quite sometime. Again, the work held me and I got to include the same in my new year resolution to continue the lessons in the same flare for at least 3 months from now.

And now at the last hour of 2009, I realize that one more year being added to the life. I am thankful to God for that. A year full of happiness, sorrows, victories, losses, pain and joy. What would be life without all these? Like a blank canvas without colors.

The road keeps on coming back to me and I no longer walk alone….

Adieus 2009.


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