Malabar Diaries – I

Travelling has always been my passion. And with every opportunity, I pack my goodies and set off to a new land and new experiences. This time, it was a bit different. It was a new start for the rest of the tours that I am going to have in my life time. I had this trip with my sweet wife. It was a new experience to me, since I was always a loner when it comes to visiting new places.

My trip map included Kannur, the Land of Human Gods and Kozhikode, where trade never ends. It was a wonderful travel and a lot of sweet memories. It is going to a downpour of memories in my blog for the next few days.

For the name, ‘Malabar Dairies’, I am obliged to Chitz, whose bengal diaries inspired me to conjure Malabar Diaries.So, let’s start the trip.

I left Trivandrum for good on a Wednesday night. The night travel in train is really a day saver. Get to your seat, have a good sleep and wola, you are at your dream destination.

I too woke up to the  welcome note of Pazhayangadi Railway station. It is 5 stations after Kannur main station. It was where I set foot on the land of Political gang wars and the land of Living Gods. Though the first point suits more to the outlook of Kannur now, but still it is the Land of living Gods or ‘Theyyams’.

I had my lodging at my family friend’s home. I had been there before too, but never with such extensive plans to tour Kannur. So, I mark this as the first visit of Kannur. I have acquaintance with this family, right  from my childhood. As I have mentioned before, my father was an army man and I have travelled and stayed with him in the army quarters for a few years of my childhood. It was in there, I met this family. They were our neighbours. And now, that child friendship had grown high to a good bond. So, that was the real cause of the trip. To visit them with my family, alias, my wife.

There were a lot of first observations I got about Kannur. The population density is low. There are a lot of vacant lands, which is quite a strange view for a city dweller like me. The most common material for construction is the rock-cut bricks, which is readily available in the area and also cheap. There are a lot of bake houses. More in number than any other city I have visited. I think the people in here, likes to have a lot of snacks and bites.

The very day afternoon, I went on to visit St.Angelo’s fort, popularly known as ‘Kannur Fort’. It is the first military fort I have visited. Build by the Portuguese, expanded by Dutch, and reinforced and used to curb Indian mutiny s by the British. I had a calm nostalgic feeling wrapping me, right from the moment I saw the fort. More of the fort and pics on my next post.


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