Avatar : Movie Review

Disclaimer : Contains no Spoilers.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the first taste of ‘Avatar’. In Indian Mythology, Avatar means ‘Incarnation’. And  for me, James Cameroon’s Avatar is a new incarnation of movie industry.

As expected it was a house full show at Sree Padmanabha. I sailed through the crowd to buckle my seats. Even before the action flared, I had a good spectacle of the iMax 3D technology on the run. The ads of ‘Christmas Carol’ were awesome. I have seen 3D movies before. But not something like this. I felt as if I am standing near to the camera and having the reels viewed in real life perspective.

Avatar is a new evolution of motion technology. It’s uncomparable to the conventional 3D technology. Along with the technology, Cameroon’s awesome story, the bright and vivid colors of Pandora are breath-taking. With this movie, he has also addressed the lost bond between the nature and humans.

I would full marks for all aspects of the movie. Storyline, Graphics, action, heart touching moments, and Climax. It is a very fine mix of all.

I don’t want to give any hint on the story at this point. The movie is a treat and is a must watch.


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