Going down to the END

The United States Government has often been criticized for refusing to cut down carbon dioxide emission by American factories and automobiles.

Pileup of such carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is held responsible for the average rise in global temperature, which we often mention as Global Warming.

Today, America is responsible for most of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. American cars, along with American factories, put out more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all the other countries of the world put together.

Now, it appears that the global warming is hitting hardest in America’s own backyard. Average temperature in Alaska have risen by at least a degree every ten years, for the past thirty years, with the highest increases happening in winter. Such increases in temperature are very damaging for Alaska.

This is the melting parts of the permafrost, which covers most of Alaska.

Permafrost is never more than a few degrees below freezing point.

Thus, even a small rise in average temperatures could bring it close to melting. The most common problem due to this is huge holes on the surface called thermo karsts.

These holes form, when the surface collapses after buried chunks of ice melt. It is costing Alaska millions of dollars,as roads and other property gets damaged., when the ground suddenly disappears. And if countries do not cut down carbon dioxide and other green house emissions, other parts of the Arctic and Antarctic icy wastes could be the next in the line.


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