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Thoughts are invaluable. Once, people were so filled with thoughts that they searched for methods to scribe it down, so that it could be read later. As time passed by, people thought that their ideas and thoughts must be easily sharable. In a form that all could understand. This resulted in the creation of alphabets, languages and we started talking and writing. Ever since, we wrote stories, dreams, accounts, history, discoveries no matter what. we written down everything and anything. We started enjoying reading it too. Without which, there wouldn’t be any libraries , I guess.  Writing was the basic of being a human. Life starts when we starts to speak, and as we learn to write, we start to understand the world. In this busy life, we never thought that the schooling is the first mission that parents entrust the children to know the world and first thing we do in schooling is to learn reading and writing(learning to respect etc. etc. are there, but I meant the basics).

Writing is transformation of thoughts. As we write, our thoughts transforms into words, it then get engraved to the paper as letters. When a third person reads it, the same letters are transformed into the very thoughts, the author had and fills the mind of the reader. Amazing, right? If the words can take you to the same scene that went through the mind of the author, we call them legendary. Those authors stand beyond time. The legends like Shakespeare and Wordsworth still live through their works.

Do we write today? Ever since the computer has evolved, the world of writing has changed a lot. I would rather say, the world has changed miles in last 100 years than it had in last 1000 years. With the discovery of machinery, the humans were no longer tied to human time and speed. machines worked faster and now smarter. So, we are in a process of running fast and writing is still a pure humanly process that requires time to scribe and think what to scribe.

With the evolution of type writers, writing no longer remained the smooth rotation of fingers on paper, but rather straight key strokes. Hand writing wasn’t a limitation, but just choice of fonts and the font size. Arundhathi Roy completed her Booker prize work ‘God of small things’ in her type writer. I believe J K Rowling might have completed the latter versions of Harry Potter in her laptop. But still there was scribbling the thought process to the machine. Along with these, there was another positive evolution that even I am utilising to the at most: Blogging. Ever since the evolution of blogging, no one has to write to editor of some newspaper or magazine and wait to see whether his work published or not. Anyone can blog and find readers for good blogs. All has the freedom to express views and opinions. I would say, Blogging has reinvented writing in modern times. if I take my case, if there wasn’t any blog, I would not have filled in these thoughts out in here. Blog helps me to write when I am free; between my work or during a lazy afternoon. But otherwise, I wouldn’t have found time to make a daily dairy entry or an article writing.

Right now, I am concerned about the new concept evolving in WordPress. The concept of microblogging.

WordPress has released an api for twitter which will allow to blog via twitter. I just wonder, what such a blog would read. Even twitter has gone far beyond its mission goals. Initially, it aimed at broadcasting your current status updates to the friend circle. Now, it is filled with all sorts of messages, personal chats , ads whatever imaginable. And this feature is really going to decrease the quality of blogs in WordPress.com. In due course of time,word press blogs will have  increased number of posts like :

“I’m on my way to office”

“Wow, great traffic Jam”

These will be the future popular blogs in WordPress. Latest trends I found in WordPress is that people has started searching wordpress for quality article, information etc. The number of hits on my blog post “410 years of Globe Theatre” is a very good example. I created that post 3 months ago and even today I am getting 30-40 hits everyday for that post through searches. It’s not the post count, but information and good writings are the one people seek. Micro Blogging will surely increase the post count, not the quality.With the micro blogging getting more popular and WordPress appreciating it, it would be a misery for quality words to come out. And if the micro blogging picks the line, I believe the days of online blogging or I would say digital writing will soon be doomed.


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