Volvo Cruise in Trivandrum City

Kerala State Transport Corporation started the Low Floor Volvo Buses for city service. The people have welcomed it with surprise and wonder. The hi tech buses, with fully air conditioned, automatic doors, LCD displays etc was something new for common people. I was awaiting a chance to have an opportunity to take a test ride. And the fine day came last monday.

As usual, I was getting ready for office. And I found that the tire of my bike was punctured. My bike never gave me up, but this day was dreadful. I managed to reach office along with a friend. I did have an exact plan for journey back home. And suddenly, the volvo came to my mind. I decided to test it out.

I planned to take the volvo from Technopark whose arrival time was 5:15 Pm. When the enquired the security by 5 Pm, he informed me that the volvo @ 5:15 has already gone. Oops, the volvo engine and the comfort drive is really boosting the KSRTC drivers. He told me, however, there is another bus by 5:45 Pm. So, in order to avoid missing that bus too, I went on and started waiting at the bus stop quite early. But it turned out to be a long wait. The orange LCD board appeared before me 15 minutes late. And I was waiting for a total of 45 minutes. Thanks for the inconsistent service again.

vola, the automatic doors opened in front of me. Cool, I stepped inside the bus. I would rather say, just walked. The floor was barely a feet above the road. The interior of the bus was designed at two levels. The back half of the bus was at a higher level. The doors were automatic and was controlled by the driver. Fm music was streaming and the LCD screens within the bus was displaying ads and messages.The ambience was great and I enjoyed the first feel about the ride very much. I took a seat next to the conductor.When the bus started from Technopark, the bus was full to the seating capacity.

The fare was extremely high compared to the normal bus, but that was expected. It costed me Rs 34 for a full ticket to East Fort. As the bus winded through the city, I noticed something interesting. There were only a few people who were boarding the bus. Bus only stopped for those who were exiting. The common folk just watched the bus with wonder, but with no intention to enter and pay a high fare for the AC comfort. They were accustomed to the ordinary City Bus service. I felt that the majority of the income for these Buses come right from the IT people from Technopark. No wonder that all the 4 routes of these Volvo buses passes through the Technopark, the IT hub of Trivandrum.

On half way past, a guy along with a child entered the bus. To my laugh, he was enquiring the conductor when the bus will return to the spot from where he boarded. It was sure that his intention was to try out the bus rather than a journey. At last I reached my destination. My review on the bus is simple. Good comfortable travel at a reasonable price. But I wonder in a city of commons, how long this bus can run profitably, just with the collection of IT guys.


6 thoughts on “Volvo Cruise in Trivandrum City

  1. scorpiogenius

    Nice writeup. πŸ™‚

    The set-up will take some time to establish in the city. Obviously the high earning Technopark zone is vital for the earnings. As many as 150 more buses, non A/C verities are going to hit the roads in a few weeks. So in a few months time we will get to know how successful it is going to be. πŸ™‚

  2. Srijith V

    Good writeup Shibu. As a daily commuter in volvo, I disagree with the fact that only techies are using the bus. May be on return trip, no one is interested in boarding. There are a few reasons for that. Let me explain. πŸ™‚

    * Usually the traffic is ‘to’ the city during morning and ‘from’ the city during evening. That’s because workplaces are concentrated more on the city.

    *Unless you are in a hurry(Like office rush) you wont board a bus where you wont get a seat. πŸ˜€

    * Point to in relation to cost factor. ie. if you have to pay more, and you wont get the full value for it (a seat!) people will think twice before using it.

    Board a morning Volvo, you will see Techies, doctors, common people to Medical college, school students, university, medical college, university college students all rushing in. πŸ™‚ In evening, even the local buses from kazhakootam to city will be filled with techies, and only a few will board from other places.

    1. Shibu Post author

      Great Srijith,
      As I have mentioned in the post, I commute daily on my bike and the trip in the volvo was my first of its kind. All I saw were the first impressions,.Thanks for pulling more of your experiences as a daily commuter.


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