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Adieus 2009

2009 was being quite eventful for me. Since then, all years passed me in a series of packs, each of which contained repetition of  similar experiences and memories. Like 12 years of school days, 4 years of college and then first 2 years of my job. 2009 had a lot of events happening in my life,  exactly saying, a series of fortunate events.

2009 began with myself nurturing my marriage dreams. I was already engaged to my sweetheart by then and was on looking a new turn of life.

At the same time, I was establishing myself in my new company in a new role at the break of 2009. It was my first jump after I begun my IT career. I was quite enjoying the change. A sort of freedom from a hefty work life to a balanced work life(It’s still the same, don’t know till when). In the professional aspect, this was the most cherished year of my career so far. May the years ahead bring in more better experiences.

I married my darling of my life on March. It was the sweetest moments of my life ever and I am thankful to 2009 for blessing me those moments.

I used to blog on in  a very inconsistent way for a long time. I switched to and that change was quiet good for me as a blogger. During the period from August to date, I wrote more blog posts than I wrote in last few years. Blogging became a passion for me. I made good acquaintances in the blogging world. Chitz, Narayan, Carol…the list continues.

After marriage, I reinvented my passion towards Guitar. I went regularly to the classes for quite sometime. Again, the work held me and I got to include the same in my new year resolution to continue the lessons in the same flare for at least 3 months from now.

And now at the last hour of 2009, I realize that one more year being added to the life. I am thankful to God for that. A year full of happiness, sorrows, victories, losses, pain and joy. What would be life without all these? Like a blank canvas without colors.

The road keeps on coming back to me and I no longer walk alone….

Adieus 2009.


Highs and Lows of 2009

As usual, another year is ending and few things are to be collected and remembered. A few of them below:

  • This year Indian Law announced that gay sex between consenting adults would no longer be unlawful.
  • Whole earth talked about the Copenhagen Summit. It’s time to go green…Not with envy…But with environment.
  • heart-throb of millions…the original pop icon moonwalked into history.
  • Irony at its best…With Obama’s one foot in war and other in Nobel award ceremony.
  • Indian slums and cinema met the dream destination of Oscar Award.
  • The saddest phenomenon of H1N1 that took many lives and more than that spread a panic all over the world’s veins.
  • The loveable cute and simple characters used in Vodafone advertisements took the entertainment world by storm.

Life, Death, Life

It was very calm. I was never used to such calmness. But I didn’t feel unusual either. May be the nature is sleeping. How could I know?

I strolled around. It is a lazy early morning and I wasn’t in a mood of hurry. My appetite signalled me that I must get a snack soon. My eyes wandered around. It was just me and me alone. I couldn’t even see any other living thing anywhere near me. Am I the only one in the world now?

As these thoughts are filling my mind, I saw something edible near me. At first, I felt it as an illusion, but as I was lurking forward, I realised the truth. The truth that I found answer to my appetite. I rushed to gulp down my starter and….

I cannot phrase it. All I could feel is the excruciating pain spreading through all my nerves. I felt as if the pain was pulling me from above. In that extreme sense of pain,my eyes went still. All of a sudden, I felt numb. All my senses stood still in the flood of memories rushing inside me.

It was my birthday yesterday. In my community, I am now a fully grown hunter. But the growth from the innocent childhood to savage hunter brought in me a lot of unwelcome changes. I found pleasure in defying those principles, that were once taught by my mother. I found myself right in questioning rather than believing. If it wasn’t my arrogance, I wouldn’t have come so long during the morning strolls. I was so proud of my daring self and my strength.

I felt all those doings are haunting me together. All the pain returned to me at once and my mouth felt wide open. But, I couldn’t open my mouth as I wished. I felt as if my mouth was clamped together. I knew,amidst the pain, that I am pulled up slowly and steadily. The surroundings around me began to dim in the bright light, that was getting stronger by each second. My mother always used to tell me not to wander towards the bright light. She told me, no one returns from there and it’s the light of the death. And I started to believe that I am going to die.

Suddenly I felt as if someone has peeled off my skin. It was very hot.I felt like my skin will  melt, if I was held there any longer. Another frightening thought passed through my mind. Even if I am going to die, it ain’t going to happen sooner enough.

The death isn’t inevitable. It’s for all.Like a cup of last rejoice. Only question is when and how. And here I am, entangles in the chain of prey and predator. As these thoughts drowned me, I felt as if I was picked up.

Ohhh….Another wave of pain and my jaws were once again free. Though pain was filling my senses, I enjoyed the momentary realization of freedom.

Again, I was put on the wet floor. I knew that I can’t stay without breathing for long. Every living cell in me demanded for oxygen. I can feel wind on my skin. But, I couldn’t get what I needed. I wondered how these big creatures around me,of whom mother has warned me a lot, breathed. With everything around me blinding and life closing in, I had a sudden urge to live. An unconditional will to live in the righteous path.

Urge for one last chance.

I was shaking all over. Life was unwillingly leaving me. My body was hitting hard against the ground again and again. My tail was still waving in the air. i could hear the crushing sound of waves near me. In that last second of life, I pushed myself towards the sound of the waves.

I felt to merge myself with water in that moment of life. I was swirling for a moment and splash. I felt the coldness of water on my skin. The comforting wetness and the cold feeling of life returning to me was unbelievable. My wet gills filled me with oxygen of which I was deprived off for a very long time.

And I live again.But not the life I lived so long. A new life, a new beginning. All say life teaches, but for me

Death was the teacher.

Malabar Diaries – I

Travelling has always been my passion. And with every opportunity, I pack my goodies and set off to a new land and new experiences. This time, it was a bit different. It was a new start for the rest of the tours that I am going to have in my life time. I had this trip with my sweet wife. It was a new experience to me, since I was always a loner when it comes to visiting new places.

My trip map included Kannur, the Land of Human Gods and Kozhikode, where trade never ends. It was a wonderful travel and a lot of sweet memories. It is going to a downpour of memories in my blog for the next few days.

For the name, ‘Malabar Dairies’, I am obliged to Chitz, whose bengal diaries inspired me to conjure Malabar Diaries.So, let’s start the trip.

I left Trivandrum for good on a Wednesday night. The night travel in train is really a day saver. Get to your seat, have a good sleep and wola, you are at your dream destination.

I too woke up to the  welcome note of Pazhayangadi Railway station. It is 5 stations after Kannur main station. It was where I set foot on the land of Political gang wars and the land of Living Gods. Though the first point suits more to the outlook of Kannur now, but still it is the Land of living Gods or ‘Theyyams’.

I had my lodging at my family friend’s home. I had been there before too, but never with such extensive plans to tour Kannur. So, I mark this as the first visit of Kannur. I have acquaintance with this family, right  from my childhood. As I have mentioned before, my father was an army man and I have travelled and stayed with him in the army quarters for a few years of my childhood. It was in there, I met this family. They were our neighbours. And now, that child friendship had grown high to a good bond. So, that was the real cause of the trip. To visit them with my family, alias, my wife.

There were a lot of first observations I got about Kannur. The population density is low. There are a lot of vacant lands, which is quite a strange view for a city dweller like me. The most common material for construction is the rock-cut bricks, which is readily available in the area and also cheap. There are a lot of bake houses. More in number than any other city I have visited. I think the people in here, likes to have a lot of snacks and bites.

The very day afternoon, I went on to visit St.Angelo’s fort, popularly known as ‘Kannur Fort’. It is the first military fort I have visited. Build by the Portuguese, expanded by Dutch, and reinforced and used to curb Indian mutiny s by the British. I had a calm nostalgic feeling wrapping me, right from the moment I saw the fort. More of the fort and pics on my next post.

Avatar : Movie Review

Disclaimer : Contains no Spoilers.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the first taste of ‘Avatar’. In Indian Mythology, Avatar means ‘Incarnation’. And  for me, James Cameroon’s Avatar is a new incarnation of movie industry.

As expected it was a house full show at Sree Padmanabha. I sailed through the crowd to buckle my seats. Even before the action flared, I had a good spectacle of the iMax 3D technology on the run. The ads of ‘Christmas Carol’ were awesome. I have seen 3D movies before. But not something like this. I felt as if I am standing near to the camera and having the reels viewed in real life perspective.

Avatar is a new evolution of motion technology. It’s uncomparable to the conventional 3D technology. Along with the technology, Cameroon’s awesome story, the bright and vivid colors of Pandora are breath-taking. With this movie, he has also addressed the lost bond between the nature and humans.

I would full marks for all aspects of the movie. Storyline, Graphics, action, heart touching moments, and Climax. It is a very fine mix of all.

I don’t want to give any hint on the story at this point. The movie is a treat and is a must watch.

So excited for “Avatar”


Having a movie ticket and a 3D glass on your pocket is nothing less exciting. I am all geared for experiencing the new Cameroon flick “Avatar”. I had to reserve 3 days ahead to get ticket. The box office collection going good and with legend of Cameroon following Aliens, Terminator 1-2 and the epic Titanic, the movie is another block buster.

So, let me buckle up for the matinée and do return for the movie review.

Few words I love most

When I was quite small, at least 17 years ago, I had a diary in which I used to collect all those that interested me. Today, when I was rearranging my goodies, I had my hand on it. First flip led me to this page. I don’t remember how many times  I have read through these words. I always to read this to pull together the broken hope sand courage in me in those small days of failure.

A weed is just a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.

paraphrased from Ralph Walsh Emerson

You have to work to earn enough money so that you won’t have to work.

Ogden Nash

Whoever said, It’s not whether you win or lose that counts, probably lost!

Martina Navratilova

People are far more interesting and successful when they are less concerned about been normal, and more concerned on being natural.

Michael Nolan

A man who works with his hands is a laborer;

a man who works with his hands and brains is a craftsman;

but a man who works with his hands and his brains and his heart is an artist.

Louis Nizer

Shoot for the moon. Even if you lose you will land among the stars.

Les Brown

The ability to think straight, some knowledge of the past, some vision of the future, some skill to do useful service, some urge to fit that service into the well being of the community – these are the most vital things education must try to produce.

Virginia Gilder sleeve.