A Long Break

Its been a quite while since I have shouted out on my Blog. I was kept away by a hefty schedule, that required my attention all the way. I had a lot of broken sleeps which were consumed by picturesque dreams, but I didn’t have the bandwidth to scribble it down.

Last couple of weeks didn’t have much for me except the work. I used to read my fellow blogger sites. I enjoyed Chitz’s home coming scribes, Naru’s Bangalore tales etc. An important turnout in these weeks is that I became a facebook addict. I had a facebook account for a while, but never used it much. But the work sequence demanded a break and I fell for the facebook application – Farmville. It is a runaway, a virtual farm where I ploughed, seeded and harvested. Though sounds silly, I really loved the community feature that the application provides and the graphics and its overall design. I didnt try any other FB application in the fear that I may become addicted to that too. So, I limited my addiction to farmville alone.


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