What makes me tick

The factor of going on is not a simple one. We do everything for something.  Each act of every individual has a reason. Something, that just gets you going on.

There are many examples for it. My parents lived for my family. Their cause for each day was to see their sons in a better life than they lived through. Some live for passion. Like the painters, musicians, artists etc.  Some live for revenge. Some live for dying. Some live for each day’s food. Some live to kill, and some live not to get killed. So, what makes me tick?

My life has always been a cycle of determination and achievement. I have pressed my self on many of the desires and pushed me quite hard to get to it. My motivations are always based on my thirst for achievement. Sometimes, it was all sheer luck and blessings. Sometimes, it just happens. I was never able to explain the action, but the result was always my achievement.What I believe and understand from my life is that when I am devoid of something in my life, either taken away from me or just not provided to me, it’s gets to my wishlist. Sooner or in years, I have always succeeded in accomplishing those dreams. And those achievements has always made relish me with it with a sense of proud.

so, the clock that ticks me are my dreams. I dream, but also work on achieving that dream. Often I picture in my mind, the scenes after I achieve that dream. That makes me feel more and more boosted up on walking in my dream path. What about you? What makes you tick?


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