Work took the toil

Happy Diwali to all my bloggerville neighbours.

Two weeks of hefty work, I cannot explain the last couple of days in more simpler words. I was away from everything and anything except work. I could hardly check even my blog. I was aware of my friends commenting on me, and I was happy that they do visit frequently on my blurbs.

So, here I am, back to self. There are a few updates on the last two weeks. Though the work took me completely, I had few things work out for me. One is I got my habit for working out again as a routine. Then, I got to dust up my Guitar and started tuning it again, that too after a long time. I felt very happy and relaxed moving my fingers on those favourite frets. I took my old notes and started tutoring me up again.

This is all for the weekly topics. I will back in full swing from oncoming week, blogging and burbling on anything and everything that passes through my mind. Keep in touch !!!


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