Like it at the very first time

There are quite few things in life, that we start liking from the very first time. Things like, the very first ice cream you enjoyed when I was kid, The very first friend in school, the very first song i sang, the first kiss, the very first…the list is long.

Why do we like some things for granted? and those things, we tend to get or repeat forever in life, without even having any special joy in doing it, but we just does it. For me, first liked things gets me back to the very memory of it that  I enjoyed it. AAh, the very first times!! I just knew the name Ice cream, and letting it melt down the tongue was an amazing feeling.And some things takes us for surprise. When we get it for the first time, we never except it to be a great one, but it surprises us to believe so. And we keep on enjoying it. What you guys out there, liked it for the very first time?

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One thought on “Like it at the very first time

  1. chithira

    the “very first ” time childhood memory i have,is that of having the most tasty ice-candy i ever had ,from the school canteen..i guess when i was in third grade..still relish it..bcoz tht was the best i had ever had!!


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