Technology That Empowers Me

There was a time when wheels were a technology. Fire was a miracle. And universe was a mystery. These are examples from time immemorial. As time passed, we watched more and more technological advancements with wonder , rejecting most of them at the first impact, but soon learnt to adapt it in daily life. And we even didn’t know, how they merge to become a  part of our lives.

It would be surprising to say in today’s time that once we feared technology more than God. It was something like defying the  path laid down by God. History even reveals the murders committed by churches, temples and other religious groups against those defied religion and believed and laid theirlife for science.  Many of our scientists were considered as devils or worshippers of devil. Most of the inventions took a long time to get implemented in daily life. That is somewhat different from today, where the technology invented a day before and is  shipped to our homes within a week.

Could we think of a technology free day today? Away from alarms, cooking gas, electricity, mobiles, paper and to  all sorts of man made things you can imagine of. Well, if you are stern enough, you may do it on a camping day. But not a routine busy office day. Because without technology, we can’t even move a second in the clock, oops again the technology.

Let me rephrase my thoughts? Are we addictive to technology, dependent of technology, or are we enslaved? Interesting to think huh? Most of the techie guys have either a home computer or laptop. But still we find some pleasure in making a twitter update from the GPRS enabled mobile. How many of us can sleep without a fan or air conditioner running in the bed room? Can we live a day without lights? What if we wake up one day and hear that all reserves of crude oil has just disappeared from the earth’s surface? Shocking , really? This was the same feeling I had, when I was trying  to grasp the reality. The reality is we have no alternatives for all the technologies that we have today and we are just living the days over and over with the hope that it will last forever, undisturbed. As Tim Robbins quotes in the movie ‘ The Shawshank redemption’ –

Hope is a good thing, may be the best of the things, and good things never ever dies


8 thoughts on “Technology That Empowers Me

    1. Shibu Post author

      So, I believe the technology is keeping you in track, like majority of the humans today. But, don’t you fear about the day if the technology decides your track?

  1. Sumit

    Enslaved by technology? Probably yes. From macro to micro to nano….the list goes on. In the process are we sacrificing our moral values by benifiting at the expence of mother nature? Who knows? Everybody knows but who cares? Shall we or shall we not?

    1. Shibu Post author

      Yes, Sumit, the question that you raised has been discussed and debated for centuries. After all, the technological advancements comes at an expense of mother nature. We don’t create anything out of nothing. All that invent or discover is transforming something that is available on earth for our needs and thus either depleting the resources or creating toxics as waste.

  2. Blog Marketing

    You actually be surprised at just how many people do survive without technology in today’s world, and they do so by choice. I only say this because you imply people couldn’t last more then a few days camping… that may be true for most, but there are still those out their who live technology free.

    1. Shibu Post author

      Yes Naru,
      If people weren’t enslaved about online marketing and had a watch about the potential audiences, we would have been jobless:)

  3. Islamiah Abdullah

    GOD gave human beings the intelligence to develop what HE had created and technology is one of the benefits of that intelligence that GOD gave. GOD also gave us all the freedom to choose which path we follow BUT HE had given HIS Ten Commandments thru MOSES for mankind to know HIS laws which we should obey. GOD wants us, HIS CREATION, to be happy, at peace with each other and all the good things for us IF we only follow HIS laws. It’s just that sometimes or often times, mankind just ignore God’s laws. If we look at what is happening now in this world, technology had been used for good and bad ways, helping and KILLING mankind. We all know what’s going on in this world…


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