Signs Of Life

Life is an amazing phenomenon. Science no matter of its superior advancements, has never been able to create life. It signifies how beautiful and ethereal, the life could be. Life from its atomic level to the massive creature level, has always amazing me with its uniqueness, adaptability and its thirst for survival.

Evolution chain has placed humans at the top of life chain. Man has become unique and conqueror because of  the single control point called brain , which has evolved over any other living being. But,we never look at the other life forms that add beauty to the geneology of earth. The wide variety of colours, designs, patterns that plants and other life forms have created is nothing compared to the races of humans created on the earth naturally. All designs the humans could impart, the colours that are filled are artificial  or man made. The truthfulness of nature was always not there in human creativity.

Humans were always quested to find other life forms in a different habitat than earth. The quest still going on with space explorations. The scientist had welcomed the evidences of life being once present in Mars. But, let me ask you, just a simple question. How can we rule out a possible existence of a superior race than humans existing light years away from us and watching us? Though it brings chills, if is not a possibility that we can just rule out.

The only word I have to my fellow humans is that, when we advance, think about the centuries old other life forms too. All evolved on this cradle for a cause. If we continue to destroy them for our cause, what will happen if some highly evolved utopian alien makes us their bio fuel, some thing similar to the movie ‘ The Matrix’. Just have a thought about it.


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