Music sounded better on yet to come

How many of our next generation will know that there existed an audio media called cassette players right between the gramophone records and the CD/DVD era. I still remember hearing my first songs in a cassette player when I was 6. It was my Uncle’s home made Stereo system with cassette player which produced an amazing output. It was then, that I had started to enjoy the magic of music. My heart swam through the voices of colonial cousins, shook along with the MJ and floated with the beats of Enigma, The malayalam melodies didn’t interest me then, since I was not that grown to understand the beauty of words in the lyrics. Then came the CD, which I didn’t use much, since I got ,my computer by then. I had songs ripped from audio Cd’s stored in my pc, because buying audio cd’s were expensive then. Soon, mp3 evolved and I am still jogging with it at 320kbps quality. There is much better encoding available, but I prefer this version, due to the ease of download. Storage is not an issue now, since hdd space is beyond the limit.

Is the current format of music is the best? I never think so. Music has evolved much since its origin, and the humanity’s unstoppable urge to preserve the music at its very best quality will create more technological advances than we ever imagined.


3 thoughts on “Music sounded better on yet to come

  1. Unknown

    Correct , …i do agree with you ….the old was the real beauty….
    all big guys like you are moving to the old now a days,,,,,we have to preserve our cassettes

    1. Shibu Post author

      Hi Dude,
      When new technologies comes up, we have to move soon. I agree that there was a time when we enjoyed cassettes more than anything. But could we get cassettes for the music we hear today? Most of the Albums now straight away released in CD/DVD.

      1. Unknown

        a mere handfull only of ht old unsaled cassetes, remaining all in cds and blue ray ,,,may be one day HMT & Sony will think back to have the magnetic tape back to our world of music

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