It took a few times before I liked Matrix

There are quite a lot of movies that needs repeated viewing to get the essence. For me, one of the most remembered one is the movie – “The Matrix”.


The concept of Matrix has been very new and the story was far beyond my imagination, When I first saw that movie, I was dumb stuck. All I could enjoy was the cool action sequence, nothing with the story. Second time, When I watched the movie, I started to get the cream of Matrix. Then.I don’t remember how many times, I have watched the sequel again and again, due to mere passion. But, each time, I saw it, more and more I enjoyed the dialogues, visual effects and the cool Stunts. But I must say, apart from the first movie, none of the other movies in the sequel kept that quality. The matrix II was also good, but matrix revolutions never got me through. The way the sequel ends has never been upto the expectations.


2 thoughts on “It took a few times before I liked Matrix

  1. dorothyl

    Wow…you have read my thoughts and review on the Matrix. I totally got hooked on the first one and even the second. The third was way to repetitive and lost my interest.

    It also took me about 3 times watching to actually grasp what the heck was going on 🙂

  2. Shibu Post author

    Thanks Dorothyl, many folks think that The Matrix is digested by repetitive viewing. You just prove that along with me. Keep Visiting !!!!


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