My favorite teacher is Asha Teacher

There was always something special about Asha teacher. During School days, she was the most respected for some students and for some, she was most unexpected evil during the most unexpected hour. Because she always drops in the middle of our troubled moments with the thin stick she used to carry. I still remember, she never used the stick much. But, it was her mighty tongue that really went right through our hearts. Her sound stands above all. She stills have that mighty sonority !!!!

Asha Teacher was always calm, happy faced and more importantly had the command of obedience among the students. I can’t recollect even one student of any grade disobeying her words. Though some hated her, even they did respect her from their heart. But at the time, we were kids, she was content and insisted on discipline. She had the strict habit of making us talk in English. Though we rebelled against it at our very best in those times, I still believe that her effort is what made the base for us to speak the language in the way I do now,

I won’t say she is the best teacher in the world. But she always had her own way of looking at things. Otherwise, how come she would have discovered in me a good speaker? I was good in writing at my school days, but was very reluctant to come out in front of audience to speak up.It was she, who made the first attempt to make me participate in a elocution program. Though the first attempt was an unforgotten tragedy for me, it laid the seed in me to improve upon myself.

After we completed schooling, my classmates and myself used to visit the school often. Each time, I met her after the school life,I sensed the love she had for the students more and more deeply. I understood from her that being an acceptable teacher is a simple logic: Love the students and teach them as a mother. Who could teach you better than a mother? And best teachers in our life always stand equal as our Mother.


7 thoughts on “My favorite teacher is Asha Teacher

  1. Unknown


    Good You wrote about your english teacher ,, but you know some do not like her because the way she used to with them a diference which she showed in her mind between the rich and poor and if you come out of st marys before your scooling finished ,,,you could have seen how the teachers in other school loves us and helps us ,,,,of course i can tell st,marys was worst for me ,,,,and the schools of poor ….there is the real love from teachers and when i went there i thought i could have gone there before ,,,,and there are some teachers in st marys who understand why a child is like that and what is the reason why he becomes like that …and guide him to the proper way ….my and your class teacher in 10th sandard ,she used to scold me much as no one can bare ,,,but that was like the scolding of a mother ,but you know once i said herethe things she understand me ,,,,and guided me

    think of your 8th standrd to 10th standard , then u might have thougt why i wrote like this about her….

    somebody should be there to criticise ,,otherwise Mrs. Asha Gopinath will think she is high in the air …


    1. Shibu Post author

      Hi Dude,

      Everyone has their own perspective about their teachers. I wrote in the blog what I have felt about her. I do constructively applause your comments about her, since you had the guts to express your views. Thanks Buddy for visiting my site.

  2. Unknown

    English is not a matter ,we can go anywere in this world with our mother tongue malayalam , and i used to even in europe

    i am sure you will not post this comment ,,,,,

    1. Shibu Post author

      Thanks Dude for your constructive criticism. As I have mentioned before, all have the right to express their just views, and I will never restrict the freedom of expression in my blog.


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