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Technology That Empowers Me

There was a time when wheels were a technology. Fire was a miracle. And universe was a mystery. These are examples from time immemorial. As time passed, we watched more and more technological advancements with wonder , rejecting most of them at the first impact, but soon learnt to adapt it in daily life. And we even didn’t know, how they merge to become a  part of our lives.

It would be surprising to say in today’s time that once we feared technology more than God. It was something like defying the  path laid down by God. History even reveals the murders committed by churches, temples and other religious groups against those defied religion and believed and laid theirlife for science.  Many of our scientists were considered as devils or worshippers of devil. Most of the inventions took a long time to get implemented in daily life. That is somewhat different from today, where the technology invented a day before and is  shipped to our homes within a week.

Could we think of a technology free day today? Away from alarms, cooking gas, electricity, mobiles, paper and to  all sorts of man made things you can imagine of. Well, if you are stern enough, you may do it on a camping day. But not a routine busy office day. Because without technology, we can’t even move a second in the clock, oops again the technology.

Let me rephrase my thoughts? Are we addictive to technology, dependent of technology, or are we enslaved? Interesting to think huh? Most of the techie guys have either a home computer or laptop. But still we find some pleasure in making a twitter update from the GPRS enabled mobile. How many of us can sleep without a fan or air conditioner running in the bed room? Can we live a day without lights? What if we wake up one day and hear that all reserves of crude oil has just disappeared from the earth’s surface? Shocking , really? This was the same feeling I had, when I was trying  to grasp the reality. The reality is we have no alternatives for all the technologies that we have today and we are just living the days over and over with the hope that it will last forever, undisturbed. As Tim Robbins quotes in the movie ‘ The Shawshank redemption’ –

Hope is a good thing, may be the best of the things, and good things never ever dies


Books I want to write

I have been a busy blogger, always finding something to blah about. But, i always dreamt to be a serious writer for once in a life time. That is when, I wish to write my own biography.

I am not a famous personal. I am just a living being in this planet earth with some space in brain to think,understand and spit our thoughts. That is what I have  and doing in my ‘Pieces of my thoughts’. My ambition as a writer is to scribble down the memories from the beginning of my life to almost the end. A saga of life. I don’t know how it is with others, but for me, I have a very vivid memory of my childhood right from very early age. When I try to remember the old fading pictures from my memory, all comes in their order with more and more clarity. I always enjoyed reading. What could be of more pleasure than jotting down my own life and reading it at a later point. I feel it really thrilling. What the fellows of ‘Bloggerville’ think about it? Let me know !!!!.

410 years of Globe Theatre

The Roman invasion marked the beginning of Theatres in London. The theatres build by Romans were demolished with their decline. After that the entertainments were held in church squares, market places etc. In the sixteenth century, travelling Drama groups were formed all over the country. James Burbage, an actor in one of these drama groups marked the beginning of theatres in renaissance London.

James Burbage

James Burbage

Burbage was a talented actor and soon to be the lead of a drama group. According to the law passed in Britain in 1572, the moving drama groups must be parented by a noble, and it is by his/her name the drama group must ne known after. Else, the owners and the actors were punished severely. By this law, Burbage sorted the parentage of Lord Chamberlain and the drama group soon became famous as the ‘Chamberlain Men’. As the ‘Chamberlain Men’ became widely accepted, another celebrity came forward to parentage the Chamberlain Men – Queen Elizabeth herself !. As a result, the drama group Chamberlain Men became widely popular as ‘Queensmen’. Queen’s parentage was a boon and confidence factor for Burbage who was by then thinking of a permanent theatre for his group. In 1576, he build a theatre at  Shoreditch. The theatre was known as the ‘ Tudor theatre ‘. In 1596, the theatre was moved to Black Frayers.

In 1597, James Burbage passed away. His son, Richard Burbage took the path laid off by his father. At those times, all Shakespearean  dramas were held at Black Frayers theatre. By then, the land lease with the owner has been expired and it was required to move the theatre to a new place. At that time,there was two groups between the dramatists. Chamberlain group(Queens), that includes the Shakespeare and the Admiral group. Admiral group had a theatre called ‘Roseplay house’ to stage their dramas. So, the building of a new theatre became a matter of proud for Shakespeare and his mates. But the funding for theatre construction was not that easy. Atlast every one decided that, Richard will make 25% investment in theatre and rest of the fund will be collected by the others in the group. In 1599, at Southwark, on the banks of Thames river, the construction of Globe Theatre was completed. The Globe theatre became  as famous as Shakespeare along with his dramas.

Globe Theatre, london

Globe Theatre, London

The architecture of the theatre reminds of a modern football stadium. The centre is open and stage is designed as if projecting from the centre, with green room behind it. There is a main door from here to the stage, along with two side doors. The theatre is fully made of wood. In its 3 floored design, it had the capacity to accommodate 3000 audience. The main achievement of the theatre was that fact that it was able to attract audiences from all levels of society.

The inaugural play of Globe theatre was ‘Julius Caesar’  in 21st of September 1599. There was enough advertisement and along with the its purpose for hosting their Drama, the theatre also served the monetary requirements of Shakespeare and team.

Richard Burbage was the major share holder of the theatre and also the main actor. It’s widely said that Shakespeare created characters with Richard in his mind. The best comedian actor at those times was another share holder of the theatre, William Kemp, along with Robert Armin. The main actors include, John Hemming and Henry Condell, wholater comprised all Shakespearian works and published ‘First Folio’. In between, Shakespeare also shared stages at times along with the his writings. The ghost in Hamlet, The Adam in ‘ As you like’,The Duke in ‘Merchant of Venice’,  Escalus in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ are the characters lifed by creator itself.

In 1613, the Globe theatre was consumed by fire. It was during the act out of ‘Hentry VIII’, co written by Shakespeare and John Fletcher. Though it was reconstructed and performances were started within a year, after a long 30 years, the theatre was completely dismantled in 1644.

New Globe Theatre, London

New Globe Theatre, London

Starting from 1987, a 10 year long hard work has lead to remake of old Globe theatre in its original design, very near to its old location itself. Today on 21st of September, at 41oth anniversary of the first drama in Globe theatre, lets remember a man who spilled life into many characters in his life time, and made a standard of his own in the history of modern English Literature.

Lousy Weekend

Tiring weekend in last couple of months. This is how I would explain the weekend so far. The weekend began by an accident that peeled off bit of my skin on hands and legs. It happened on friday evening. I was coming back from office and was about 100m away from home. I was so happy then, with the thought that I am reaching home early, that too on a friday evening. I was much excited, as I saw my home out there. Suddenly,as if from no where, from one of the side lanes, a biker jumped in front of me  and I pressed on brake with all my might. Later I understood that it was the worst thing to do a gravel road, that too wet by an afternoon drizzle. I was thrown off bike, slide a little on ground, peeling my hand skin. I was thanking God,  that I wasn’t supposed to spend the weekend in the hospital, and for getting me out with much less impact than it has to be.
I went to hospital by night, had the wounds dressed and a shot of tetanus injection. But there are not the amazing things to blog about. By around 6:45 pm, my city shook mild marking 3.8 on richer scale. I was watching a movie on laptop. There was a booming sound, as if a jet was flying low. Then, the table and other furnitures start vibrating with a buzzing noise. The quake was so mild that, i had to watch the news then  to know that it was actually an earth quake. Again thanks to God that it went mild and no further tremors happened.
After that spooky friday, came the saturday. I didn’t have much planning for saturday, but it ended up with three movies.
“Underworld”, “Outsourced” and “Bowfinger” in three phases. All were great movies and It was a film day in my life after around 4-5 months.

The 15 most toxic places to live

I read a shocking tribute to Mother nature in MNN. Man’s encroachment and attrocities to nature has always been peek high. We always close our eyes to this reality, the reality that we are killing nature every moment. Some of the extremes are captured by images which are listed below. The images really shows the gravity of the situation.


Citarum River, Indonesia

The Citarum has been called the world’s most polluted river. Around five million people live in the river’s basin, and most of them rely on its flow for their water supply.

Chernobyl, Ukraine

Chernobyl, Ukraine

Chernobyl is the town in northern Ukraine home to the Chernobyl disaster of 1986, the worst nuclear power plant accident in history. Once home to more than 14,000 residents, the town remains mostly uninhabited and unsafe today due to extensive radioactive contamination.

Linfen, China

Linfen, China

Linfen has more air pollution than any other city in the world. Sitting at the heart of China’s coal belt, smog and soot from industrial pollutants and automobiles blacken the air at all hours. It is said that if you hang your laundry here, it will turn black before it dries.

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40 years of Internet

With the dot com boom, internet has substantially evolved as a part of life for majority of world’s educated population. From 2000 to 2009, we have seen 360% hike in internet users.And more importantly,internet has changed from its early essence of holding information and sharing to a mass community to a gathering place where people interact , share and get together on different and common causes. The online communities like facebook, Orkut, Spaces are the places which I am talking about. Moreover, the internet application are on the row. If you take Firefox browser, there is add ons for anything and everything. The number of standalone applications which doesn’t interact with the internet is quite rare. The mobile devices are all now streamed with internet so it makes us always plugged in, messaging and blogging on the run.

40 years of Internet

40 years of Internet

Also, a new life has begun in internet space. A life in front of PC. I am not talking about long hours spend on  blogging, chatting etc, though it does has made a change in techs life style. It’s about the virtual life that the internet provides. If you check the sites like or life, you can see an entire virtual world in front of you. It will let you create a virtual identity of you and will let you live in a virtual world. Something like ‘living in your dreams’. Many of the losers in life or the beginners just get lost dreaming in these virtual worlds. All they lost in life( not all, but at least a lot of them), all that they wish to get in their life will be in front of them behind the screen. This is one of the dumbest application of internet I have ever seen. exploiting the human ability to dream and making money through ads.

There are yet many downfalls of internet like porn, exploits for messaging by terrorist groups, identity theft , credit card frauds etc, but still internet has begun a new age of technological advancement. It is good to read along  that, Internet is celebrating its 40th year of birth this month. It had a silent start as a non commercial project for securely transferring data from one computer to another. It was a military project which later evolved as the largest virtual web of computers around the world.

For every inventions, man has found two faces. The same applies to internet also. But, when I look into the best side of it, I see that internet is allowing me to post my ideas to public, and not writing letter to editor of some news magazine and waiting with the hope, my article will printed someday. The Google always answers me like a God father whenever I am out of words. Gmail,yahoo etc is keeping me in touch of my friends, for whom I may not spend money to call on phone, but always ping on the chat window to know about their day.The freedom, the internet provides is of immense potential. When used properly, it will prove to the Technology that man kind could ever be proud of.

How it feels to be a donor

I felt like I am still a human to the core yesterday. To me, what it stakes to be a bit of humanism remaining in the heart in these times, is to have a mindset for a selfless donation. I realized the same after having the first blood donation of my life.

I don’t know why I haven’t donated my blood before? May be I haven’t got any opportunities or as the saying goes, “There is always a first time”. And now I have crossed the barrier. How I feel? Really amazing.  It feels like I have become part of a noble cause. As we know, blood could sometimes become a life saver. Based upon the today’s requirements, our blood banks are still not able to serve all the needs for blood. There is always shortage for rare groups of blood. It is not required to put up a lot of brain to understand why there is scarcity of something that is readily available.

In India, majority of population still have old thoughts regarding blood donation. Elders teach the kids that blood donation could make you weak and fragile. A little more educated families will say that at extreme times, like when a relative is in requirement of blood, the donation can be made. Many of these speculations are based on ignorance. so, as a ‘Bloggerville Donor’, I am citing some common faq’s regarding blood donation, There are mostly known ones and nothing new, but as a responsible citizen, I like to spread the message.

Q:    Who is a healthy donor?
A:     Any person within the age group of 18 – 60 years with a body weight as minimum 45 kgs, and having hemoglobin content as minimum 12.5 gm%.

Q:     Does a donor need to do anything special before donation?
A:     The donor should eat at regular mealtimes and drink plenty of fluids.

Q:     How long does the donation take?
A:     The procedure is done by skilled, specially trained technicians and takes three to eight minutes. However, from start to finish (filling form, post donation rest etc) the entire process should take upwards of 35 minutes.

Q:     Does the needle hurt the entire time?
A:     There may be a little sting when the needle is inserted, but there should be no pain during the donation.

Q:     Does the donor suffer from any harmful effects after donating blood donation?
A:     Absolutely not, rather a donor after having given blood voluntarily gets a feeling of great pleasure, peace and bliss. Soon, within a period of 24 – 48 hours, the same amount of new blood gets formed in the body, which helps the donor in many ways. His own body resistance improves, the circulation improves, and he himself feels healthier than before.

Q:     Does a donor need to rest after donating blood?
A:     Yes. The donor needs rest, preferably lying down, so that the amount of blood that has been donated soon gets poured into the circulation from the body pools in a natural way. The donor should take it easy for about 15 – 20 minutes.

Q:     Can a donor work after donating blood?
A:     Of course! Routine work is absolutely fine after the initial rest. Rigorous physical work should be avoided for a few hours.

Q:     What special diet should a donor follow after giving blood?
A:     After resting for a while a donor is given some liquid (fluid) to take. It may be a cup of coffee or milk or fruit juice alongwith a few biscuits or fruit. The donor needs no other special diet. A routine balanced diet is adequate. The donor’s blood gets replenished within 24 – 48 hours.

Q:     How long will it take for the body to replenish the blood?
A:     The body replaces blood volume or plasma within 24 hours. Red cells need about four to eight weeks for complete replacement.

Q:     How frequently a donor can donate blood?
A:     Three months time between donations is a very safe interval.

Q:     Do any diseases debar a donor from giving blood?
A:     Yes, if the donor has suffered from any of the under-mentioned diseases: –

  • Fever: He should not have suffered from fever for the past 15 days.
  • Jaundice: A donor should not have his blood tested positive for AUSTRALIA ANTIGEN.
  • Blood transmitted diseases: Like Syphilis, Malaria, Filaria etc. debar a donor from donating blood till he is treated and is free from them.
  • Drugs: If a donor is taking drugs like Aspirin, anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetics, hormones, corticosteroids etc., he is unfit to donate blood.
  • AIDS. No person having HIV positive can be allowed to donate blood.

Q:     Are there any other benefits of blood donation?
A:     Yes, blood donation is a noble, selfless service! It gives the donor a feeling of joy and contentment. Also this is an expression of love for Mankind, as blood knows no caste, colour, creed, religion or race, country, continent or sex.