Lazy Saturday

I woke up late today. Rather it would be better to say that, I was awoke a bit early, but was lazy to get up from the bed. So, had a morning snooze, till my wife poked out of the bed. She had plans to go to nearby temple and I was the delayed one. so, I tried to get ready,  but when I was out of the bathroom, she has already went to the temple. But I managed to reach there in time, and was lucky to see her happy face.

There is much to plan for today. Onam celebrations are booming in the city and the  start of the vacation  is a quite a bright to blend into the crowd. So, the afternoon will be a eventful one.

This part of the blog is just a break from my tiring and boring job of pressing the clothes. I was and maybe I am still( My wife says so) a very lazy guy when it comes down to household works and routines. I don’t know why I am so, but I am. But when life moves, change is inevitable. So, I am trying and trying my best to grab that change. So, ironing the clothes is may be the just that eventful change.

Afternoon snap is a dream during weekdays, a dream that get drowned in the list of work schedules that get processed every minute. But, today was different. A blessed weekend afternoon provided me enough bandwidth to get that long awaited sleep.

The plans for evening went right. I had an outing with my wife to the crowded city. The fest at ‘kanakakunnu’ palace grounds is as flourishing as previous years. The amusement wheels are still under final touch-ups and promised a second to them at a later day. Just had snap to share of the upcoming Giant wheel.

Giant Wheel under construction

Giant Wheel under construction

The city lights for the oncoming festive week are still being under launching process. The full swing is still has not come. But to summarize, it was a good end of a lazy Saturday. The visit to the cousin’s house, on the way back home was really great. My little cousins are the sweetest cuties, I know in this world.I do love them a lot.

So, I am back home, scribbling all these to my blog. What’s next? I could say it, if I could stop this everlasting yawn. Sweet dreams to ‘Bloggerville’ Brotherhood.


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