Jogging with a camera click

Recently, I changed my jogging route. And the change was thrilling as ever it could be. The path that captured my heart is the mud path separating the ‘Vellayani’ lake and the fields. At rainy season, the fields gets filled with water and the path looks like a sunken bridge across the water.
Its summer in my suburb and the temperature is very high during the day. Even at night, high humidity keeps the sweat running down my cheeks. Until two days back, anyone would agree that, its the worst time to get your jogging suits on and step out. The summer rains came like a blessing and nights were colder. The morning rose with wet mud with fresh life making the surface busy and the slight cold wind tickling the bare skin. And when my wife, its time for the morning stroll, I didnt hesitate to step on my ‘Nike’ and plug in my ipod and take the path. The ‘vellayani lake’, which I mentioned is just 2 km from my home. The first morning view of the lake was so impressive that, I couldnt resist taking the camera to capture the beauty that nature revealed.

The cloud laden sky and the streaks of sunlight on the virgin water seemed so ethernal. The lake surface was so calm and quiet. The only ripples were caused by the quest by the birds, to find the fish breakfast. I stood there for a while breathing in the freshness that nature poured into me.
To the other side, were the fields that stretched wide to the horizon. Usually rice is cultivated in these fields, sown just after the rain. Once it is harvested,comes the harvets festival of Kerala, Onam.
And this time of the year, vegetables are grown, in order to balance the pH value of the soil. Well, these technicalities never bothered me when I took my second snap.

I was sublimed into the nature for a while. Forgot everything. Just with a blank mind and I stood, staring at the vastness that engulfed me. Wow, really poetic. So, this was the very begining of my jogging session for couple of days. Then, I switched on my ipod and stepped to home jogging all the way with a calm and dancing[Ipod was rocking] heart.


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