Mahabalipuram Rediscovered – KRISHNA’S BUTTER BALL

First scene that caught my eyes was the huge rock, that stood in such a way that, It appeared like it was suspended and would roll down at any moment of time.

It was more long to the back and was well balanced. But it was an amazing piece of art by nature.

Let me introduce the readers a bit of history of this place. The ‘Pallavas Dynasty’ ruled south India over from the 3rd century till the end of the 9th century A.D. They were very powerful kings and also profound thinkers. During their rule, they brought in sculptors, painter and architects from various places and appreciated the great works. The monuments they build in MPM were mostly rock-cut and monolithic. It is believed by some that this area served as a school for young sculptors. The different sculptures, some half finished, may have been examples of different styles of architecture.
So, this rock, also known as KRISHNA’S BUTTER BALL, was the first object in that historic cemetery that caught my eyes. Keep reading as I move to rock cut ‘Mandapams’ in the next Blog post.
To be continued…


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