Mahabalipuram Rediscovered

The essence of meeting the past is something that is to be felt and realized, not told. But still, I am beginning a new series in my blog, exactly, a travelogue to Mahabalipuram, one of the listed heritage sites by UNESCO. Watch out for my oncoming blog posts for my travel recollections and the tales behind each of the pictures that my camera captures from the remains of a great dynasty. I will be taking all my residents of “Bloggerville” to the tour of these realms of historic importance, through a series of blog posts. As it is said, A long tale is often told in parts, and enjoyed so. So, let’s move to the preface.

First thing, that I would like to recollect is how and when I reached “Mahabalipuram”. The place is officially known as “Mamallapuram”, but I like the old name. There is also a far enough behind the names too. Hold on…

I was in Chennai, the district capital of Tamilnadu in south India, the state that upholds a lot of history over ages. It was on an official tour of three days, attending the ‘Microsoft Security Summit 08’ as a delegate of my Company. As per the trip plans, I never had any ambition to visit ‘Mahabalipuram’, which is 60 Km south from Chennai. As it went, the winding up of the third day proceedings, went off quite fast. And by 11:30 AM, I was in my hotel room. My train to home was on schedule by 7:30 PM. I was going the hotel catalogue, and my eyes stuck on the beautiful picture of Shrine temple in there. I was lost for a moment. For a avid traveler like me, it was quite irresistible. The next 15 minutes, had me checked out of the hotel, bought extra cells for my camera, and took a cab in the direction of the call of my Soul.

How to reach
Chennai International airport Is the closest airport. The nearest railway is in Chengalpattu and it is well connected by road ways. The (ECR) East coastal road which connects Chennai and Pondicherry passes through this place. And I took this ECR, the fastest rout, if you are travelling via road from Chennai.

First Sights
I reached ‘Mahabalipuram ‘aka MPM from now on for my ease, in 2 hours. The first sights were a typical inside village life of south India. But a great deal of modernization has been imparted because of the placement of the site in the world tourist map. There is lot of crowd in the street adjacent of the entry of the heritage site. The archeological Department of India has encircled the site with grills. The entry is restricted by a 5 RS ticket. And so, I step foot on the land where past was still awake.
To be continued….


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