I’m a dog person

I owned a Labrador retriever 2 years back. His name was ‘Tommy’. I loved him a lot. Not only me, he was loved by everyone in the family. He too loved us a lot. It was explicit when he jumps up to reach us, when we come home after the ride. The morning walks with him was very enjoyable, he used to pull me and run, It was 100% fun. I would never be a cat person, because, a cat is loyal only for its comfortableness, whereas Dog is loyal for the care and food we give. They also protect us in the all the possible ways it could, during a crisis.

But I am very sad to write it over here that ‘Tommy’ passed away, an year before. he was suffering from some genetic problem in his blood , and I didn’t knew that, until it was very late. Any ways, after he went away from us, we never had a mindset to buy a new puppy. May be because, he left such a deep scar of love in our heart and its very unique to him..him only.


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