What I have learned in Bloggerville?

Thanks to Carol, for the term “Bloggerville” . She has coined the meaning of blogging to a very homely word. So, we the bloggers in the bloggerville, the place where we blog, read blogs and share and enrich the thoughts that we never let out anywhere.

In this blog world, I learnt that, sometimes, the thoughts that get filled in the empty spaces of mind, needs to be pushed out. It may be memories, stories, suggestions, whatever it may be it get etched to the blog posts. The real significance that a blog writer gets is, even though there will be thousands of people who finds a particular blog boring and uninteresting, but in the blogville or the vast blogger world, there will atleast one blogger who will like that post. That is something, that I feel wonderful about the bloggerville.

When do someone Blog? When a person is so interested in writing, or when he has a lot of spontaneity in his ideas or thoughts? In my experience, some people sort out to blogging, just to preserve their writing skills and their talent of creating ‘magic with the words’ sharpened. A blog scrap a day or two makes them feel at home. Another set of people is those who has a lot of ideas , opinions, and views about a single or on varied subjects. They want to scream it out, collect public opinion about them. The result is a new blogger is born, and eventually, the writing skills will improve and that is just the better part of it.

Crazy blog readers often comments about fellow blogs readily accepts comments about his. I would say, Blog world has rather become a community. I really enjoy reading a few of the blogs, which I regularly follow. There are people who live in a very different society, place and in a distinct harmony. When I read blogs from them, my imagination just moves on with them. I recollect about a blog entry from ‘carol’ of balsam ponds writing a  few words about the winter snow blocking the road to her house. I have never experienced how a snow fall in my life. I havent seen any snow covered road in my life, except in movies. Even then, the words of her, of exactly what she saw from her kitched window, just led my imagination miles across to the woods of northern Minnesota.

So, sometimes, blog is really a turner. Speak out to the entire world, and let those who wants to listen read your words. Just feel like standing on top of a moutain and screeming out to the bottom of the lungs. Mostly,you just hear an echo. Wont it be better, if you hear slightly different sound back..It feels good to me.


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