Seat me next to the quiet starer, please

Frequently in Life, Bus do pay a good break. Those long hours in bus and preference to cut the time between the start and destination varies with the mindsets. THis is how I feel about a co-passenger. What about you?

In a day long bus trip, All I carry handy is my i pod loaded with heart pounding music, that stays audible above the roaring engine of the bus. So, My plan remains the same and simple. Pod, enough water to drink and occasional snacks at the bus stops, if found tempting.
So, in the case of a side sitter, I would rather prefer that he doesn’t mind me at all. Just keep on his own business. I usually find the long bus journeys to be very good opportunities to think, beyond the daily busy schedules, think about the past and keep the mind blank. In those moments, I would rather prefer to be alone, rather than sharing or bugged up by the co- passenger.

Sometimes,. I have cut past the bus journeys with a best seller keeping my eyes busy. Even in that case, I feel I am pretty good to be left alone and wandering in my past dreams or in the words of an author.


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