It just slide past my eyes

The aspect of observing things has many dimensions. In many of the situations, we don’t actually see, what just passes in front of our eyes. The sight we see, usually emcompasses those that really matters to us. Our conscience just ignores the rest of it. This behaviour is seen in majority of the humans and the extreme of this leads to a completely selfish human life.
Last day, I just happened to look at the rising sun. I was immersed in a deep thought for a while. I was thinking, may be after how many years, I just thought about the sun. We know, that sun rises, set, it’s all there. But have you ever just looked at sun and stood for a while, enjoying the orange linings it imparts to the scattered clouds. It was a wonderful scenery. Though, it happens, every day in front of me, I never looked up.
This irony made me analyse some of the daily aspects that generally miss out. Have you ever has a habit of looking at the tires of your vehicle, just before you mount it? Well, I believe no. You will always find the tire being punctured, only after starting your vehicle.Other than for medicines or food items, do you have a regular habit of checking the expiry date when we buy commodities?
There are many many things, mostly distinct for every people, that appears to be a regular event or happenings, but we dont notice it, since its has no direct impact on us.
Usually, it appears that , unless some event has implication us, we thoroughly neglect. It is true for accidents and mishaps too. One example, I like to quote is, unless, we read or experience a theft at home, we wont have that seriousness in checking that the doors and windows are fastened and secured.
Also, thinking of relations,we all do have a lot of friends who touched our lives at some point of time. As time passes, we get less intimate with some and move closer to another branch. When I see their mobile number in my cellphone very coincidently, I just recollect them, and plans to make a casual call to time,either tomorrow, today itself when I am free. But experiences clearly states that I never made that call in most of the time.
So this is the picture that I would like to give. there are many things that we see and go unnoticed, unless it appears to us as a shadow that either stings or loves.


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