A stubbed toe is worthy of tears

Who will disagree to me that a stubbed toe is not worth a cry? I wont say so. After such a painful vacation in my childhood days. One of the best thing thing about me that I cherish is my clear memory of my life. I do and can remember a very very long back, though the past is not so far.

It was one of Onam vacation, that every child waits, because it is one of the longest mid term break in schools. It was just the second day of vacation, I was coming home with Uncle on his cycle. I was standing behind on the carrier.A pot hole, cycle jumped and so did I. But on landing, I got my toe between the rear cycle wheel. Wola, I cried my heart out, not just because of the sudden pain. But how, a stubbed toe is going to ruin the rest of my vacation. Isn’t it painful?huh!!!!


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