Ripples of Relations

Life is not simple. Even not simple enough to say that “Its simple”. Specially when it comes to relations. Relations are bonds made on a calm waters. And to maintains relations is to fish without causing ripples. Or you should be cunning enough to explain that “ripples” were caused for a virtue. Mind you, its not simple to convince, not always.

I do get confused. People are very possessed when it comes to blood to blood relations. Biology says humans are social creatures. It must that humans are bloody creatures. How better,we bond relations, when it comes to choices, blood relations always emerge with an undisputed favor.

Why cant people think from the perspective of the ones, on whom their actions, words or gestures make an impact? I think major part of the problem can be solved by this. The thought always goes in the direction of”I am done this much, why he/she couldn’t AT LEAST this for the cause of the relation”? What if the first person itself could have done all for this time being, to maintain the relations, to let the other understand fully, that he was wrong, rather than waiting for the actions. At least it would save the time and tension, May be the next time, at a similar situation the second person will be much better off than the first.

That is when we can call humans a social being, rather than a bloody being.


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