Oh, for three more hours

Who would not cherished an extra moment in life? An extra second, just before splitting from your sweetheart’s lips, a minute extra just before the bus leaves, an hour before the movie begins, a day more after you remember that today is the anniversary and you forgot the present. Wishes goes on.

When this strike my mind, I though what if Someone, none other than God( Who else could make such lucrative offers) gives an extra 3 hours right now to me? Or to you? What would you do?

Well, I accepted the offer for time being. Let me plan. I was early from office today. I mean 1 hour early.There were guests at home, and I couldn’t resist switching off my laptop and biking to home, after my wife’s phone call. It’s just third week after marriage and resistance to say no, is impossible. Atleast for me. There goes another 90 minutes of my valuable time, chit chatting and then I logged on to my PC to visualize the Almighty’s offer.

I am tired, hungry, and more over sleepy. I know. God is never so kind enough to provide it with enough “TIME” (Again, huh ), to [plan for the gift’s usage. All I could think now, is to have some food , go to sweet bed and go for a dreamless night.

And 3 extra hours, well, in life, more than just 3 hours have gone wasted, which could have made drastic changes in life. Just for an example, wasted time in school, college, lazy hours. So, let me at least make some health now, right? Sleep extra just for the day.


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