Return to innocence

All I could feel was silence surrounding me. Though silent, it had an eternal calmness. I was numb, yet was filled with happiness of uncertainty. I opened my eyes to allow the first rays of sunlight into me. The clouded sky , streaked with sunrays, made it look like sieve of light. It appeared to me like a arrow buried amulet of a greek warrior. My eyes wandered in all directions. All I could see was the cloud ladden sky . All I could feel was the wetness of the dew on the grass, which brushed at my body. I wpondered where I was.

I slanted my head to allow my eyes to see more, know more of the certainty. I saw an old tree , a banyan tree, blushed in its spring leaves. It stood with the elegance of centuries it has witnessed, the changes it has accepted with its humble silence. My eyes became more and more educated about my surroundings. In the vastness of an empty field, cloud laded sky with streaks sun light brushing past me, the old tree staring at me, I found myself, laying still and flat on ground, unable to decide on the future, confused with the present and guilty of the past.

My serene thoughts merged with the environment surrounding me. I let my mind go loose, over the fields, feeling the wind and kissing the sky. I was so relaxed to enjoy this new freedom, freedom of thought and existence, freedom of emptiness in mind. I was flying, in the highest of my spirits, lying with the nature , and mind flying high.

A loud noise shook my free flying mind. The innocence and calmness, with which it was flying high was pushed aside and was replaced with fear of existence. It came back to me and hide inside me. And me?I switched off the alarm with the numbness of the broken dreams.


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