When the rescue ship comes, I’ll tell ’em: I am not ready to come back yet

How better the dreams could be? Well, it really makes you so tempting that you will wish “OH God, please make it happen”.

Well, I just had a similar dream yesterday night. Some beautiful, serene isolated island in the pacific,a lot of food, that would last an year or so. I cannot recollect all the food items available, but I believe I saw almost all of my favorite items, either ready to be grilled or toasted.

Then, there was my wife, beautiful as ever and loving as eternity. With her in that beautiful island and the whole life ahead, I just couldn’t believe I was dreaming. With a no stress world and promise of food, life would have been simple and just been a 180 degree turn. There was nothing to think about, no worries, no hassles, a world there is no need for money or money earning job. Wow, it would have been great. Atleast a month, I would have taken for granted.

But, it was just a dream, and I took it in the same sense. Ya, if we think of reality, there are quite a lot of facts and burdens to be sorted out in such kind of life. But, enjoying a dream and living it for a moment is really a great experience.


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