Standing on the edge..

Life has been vibrant and colorful for me, ever since I stepped into this world. Yes, there had been times of shades and broken hearts, its a kinda unavoidable. you know that. Every one knows that. But, if I recollect, altogether I am happy in the way, life is moving on, in my way.

My childhood, as I would recollect was of adjustments to the wishes and the eager to learn. I knew, my parents was having a hard time trying to give me quality education. I kept aside most of my dreams( Oh ya, I couldn’t resist screaming out and pouring tears on few exceptions 🙂 ). Between, I would like to mention that, I have a good memory, not of the junky education or book stuffs, but of my past. If I just relax and wander through those memories, I could see my entire past life as if in a Polaroid screen. Maybe , I should also try for an auto biography.

Oops, I am going odd track. so, that was the childhood, then college, a bunch of friends, hula halla life and a bit of care to get the name etched on the degree certificate. That period was very short and went past me like a lightning.

Then, evolved from me is a IT guy, who nooks around cubicles, stare at screen with glassy eyes and emotionless face for hours, trying to figure out what the hell went wrong in a thousands and thousands of code syntax’s to find out, what is wrong. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not mad, But it is for what I am paid for. Current scenario is not much different, But I do a similar stuff for a different boss, but the result is same, they pay me for what I do.

Then, whats the edge? where I am standing. Ever since, I was born, my parents say you are growing, teachers say you are learning and growing, friends say you are loving, cheering , and excited and growing. My boss says, you are growing, professionally. Now, what about life now? is it growing for me, or I have stopped?

Well, all I think about the edge is the new beginning. A life after marriage. Its not so easy for guys to accept the changes or the wholesome responsibilities that is waiting there for you. The bachelor friends of mine would sanction that. Yes, I know marriage brings in you life, the all awaited love, feeling of being loved, a lovely wife to care for more than your life and the responsibilities of being a family man. Yet again, whats the edge, I am standing?

I am standing at the edge of implication of all the learning, growth, profession and the life. Living a single life is far far different from the life which is blended to another. There, personal , professional, what s ever linked to you is linked to your wife/husband. so, there , I would say, you have stopped growing, stopped learning, and is going to make a new beginning. I am on the edge of the bachelor life and is on the beginning edge of the family man life. Am I on the edge? Sure I am !!!!


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