Do you love water? Strange question huh? What I meant to ask is do you love water so much that you will hug it. Am I getting so poetic? Never mind, I felt so, after I plunged myself into a river after quite a few months.

What a day it was. I really loved being with my cousins and brothers. It was such a relishing week end. It was after the lunch, someone clicked on the idea of visiting the nearby river. It was planned to be just a visit, but the rocks and the rambling water was a real invitation. Next sequence was to send one of the cousins to go back home and fetch towels and drying kits, when others, including myself, dropped into the river.

It was a boon in hot summer. I really felt the cold water cooling my boiling brain. Though wild waters always have its own risk, I too slipped quite a few times on the moss filled rocks. The algae and the wetness has made the quite slippery. The waters also had unpredictable depths at few points, caused either naturally or due to sand mining. But irrespective of any of the demotivating reasons, none of us retrained from wetting ourselves.

I stretched myself, after a very long time. I had been recently into a swimming pool. But the pleasure of been in wild waters is nothing compared to the artificiality of the pool. I didnt mind anything. Just kept on swallowing the freshness of the surroundings, absorbing the coldness of the water under the hot summer sun. and the fun part operated by the cousins. It was a gret day out and I am all fresh and rejunevated. I am looking forward for the next opportunity to make the dip. Good night “Bloggerville”.


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