Healthy Living in a cubicle

I think the health problems are brothers of IT world. The usual neck pain(Its has been with me for a couple of years by now), the dumbness of the spine, and the frequent cold and fever , the footprint fo sitting in AC for long hours to keep the clients happy, all have its own contribution.
Can we improve upon the situation? There are designs, but to implement , all that is required is time. And I never found that resource plenty with me, after I dived into this IT pool. A jog in the cold morning, or a workout with friends in the local gym, or a dip in the swimming pool, all are refreshing, and I have tried out each one of it in the near past years of experience in my IT career. But the difficult part is to sustain the momentum to more than a week . All that works is to a maximum of 2-3 weeks, at the best 1 month. Then a deep shit of projects holds me to the seat in the icy cubicle and I am there working 14X7 to make money, of course. But what I am losing is the precious health. There should be some alternatives. May be , maybe if ever someone drops to my blog and has the patience to read all my Bla bla’s , then that guy/girl/woman/old timer will have a suggestion to make. Till then let me hug my PC, love my girl and live as far as possible..


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