If I was in old school in an assembly….

It is my dream, to address my school assembly in my present. I have great recollections of those days, when I used to stand in sun, listening to the prayer song being sung by the school choir. Then, it was followed by the principal’s speech, probably with a scolding note.

But I used to enjoy standing sessions in a mild morning, when the sun wasn’t too bright, and the breeze was gentle across the school grounds. I wished that I too stand there one day, throwing out words of wisdom.

If I get a chance now, I would say words of wisdom, but rather say a few things out of my experience that life has taught me.I would tell them,

1. School romance is absolute waste of time and money, because girls dont take life as seriously as we do in imaginations, at that age.

2. Don’t dream that school life is full of worries and let it pass away soon, Believe me, you will never get a beautiful and cheerful time in your life.

3. Dont eat your book. But learn all that the life teaches you, and never forget it till your life ends.

4. Love your parents. You will feel that they think wrong for all you can think about. But, it will be very late when you realize that , they were right in all things about you.


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