The athlete in me

None of the sports magazine will not be able to list up all my talents. Any of the sports magazine will have to illustrate the all the gaming experience, I am capable of. Did u think of me as a sports megastar. Sorry people. it is not the fact I tend to clarify. I am not pro in any sports, but manages to play and enjoy most of them.

In the beginning of my school days, right at the age of 7-8, I was mostly into running, Kind of Jessy owens type, running for fun, not for medal though. I had a good fall 4 years after that , having a minor fracture on the right leg. Though the damage was minor, I never ever was able to run as fast I was before. Maybe a confidence factor, but I never made i through.

In the coming years, the craze at school was football, all ran behind the checkered ball, so did I. Though didn’t make much goals , I got some guys do it and enjoyed it to the much. Off times, during the hottest summers, when I was pulled indoors by my mother, I had the game of king and queen to try on. Often won few games to my brother, lost a lot to others. Later when my bro starts defeating me, I lost interest to the king, who was losing empire one after another.

At my teenage, the world cup cricket came to Indian sub continent. And the Sachin era has begun. So, we too turned into cricketers, who loved “First Batting”, least preferred bowling and fielding . Maybe , I would say, those are the times, I made most of my sports career, made a few shining performance once in a thousand matches, in the grassy outfields , between houses, over 4 storey buildings and in the empty lanes in front of my friends house.

Even between this, I had my hands on Badminton, then on the computer games, Gta and NFS being my favorite ones, not missing the medal of honor series. PC games quite often gave me the satisfaction of triumph.
Between this, the readers of the mag should also know that the sportsstar in me likes to read a lot, write quite often and also tried and is trying body building. But never reached anywhere to 1 pack least.
I always praise myself with the following quotes, when someone ask me about my sports interests.

“Jack of all trades, master of none “

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